Enemies (general, pt. 1)

“The little soldiers of the Bad Army are the Guidos, a warriors from the Hazelnut World. They are but little threat to such powerful fight as you, but watch out !! They like to gang fight.” –from the “Index of Foe”, a bestiary of the Villain Kaiser’s army.

These little guys are not tough, and seem to be a parody (or rather rip-off) of the Goombahs of the Super Mario series. The big difference is that while Goombahs are squishy, these guys are actually hard and hollow; you can’t kill them by stomping on them, but once you do kill them, they crack open and, sometimes, pass out a power-up. Usually it’s just these basic types, plus a few re-colors for more specialized environments. The Hazelnut World may actually be a secret level in the game someplace, although considering how sketchy the exposition and dialogue can be, it’s hard to tell. (Considering how they fall out of trees in Woodsy World, it might just be an old name that never got changed.) But enough about these nuggets of cannon fodder, here’s a cooler one:

“Evil heads are much danger, even in the cities !!”

This homeboy shows up outside the logging camp in Woodsy World, just before the entrance to the Mobile Chainsaw Fortress. He’s not a mini-boss, even; a few hits and he’s gone. Still cool, though.


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