Power-Ups: the Sodas

“Court Alchemist Popinski has brewed up many flavors of delicious potions for extra Battle Prowess !! Super Fighting Sodapop Zaibatsu presents the Pwnzorfaust beverage adventure product assortment. Quaff for power get !!” –from the training level

That really says it all, doesn’t it? The Super Fighting Sodapop Zaibatsu crops up a few times throughout the game, with animated commercials explaining new power-ups you’ve unlocked. Besides these, there are also the usual hovering hearts for health and coins for “$Money” to be spent at the little shops (I’ll explain about those in a later post).

It took quite a few play-throughs to unlock all of these; sometimes it takes defeating a special hidden boss, or sometimes it’s some random achievement. Honestly there were a few times that I don’t know what I did–for one, I was in the middle of a boss-fight against the Snake-Vomiting Gorilla in Empty World when the Poppyseed one dropped; it had never done that before, and when I went back and tried to get it on another save file, it didn’t happen. As a result, I have no idea if there’s any benefit to quaffing it; I know sleeping has been used as an anti-power-up (or “power-down”) in a few games, but others have some genuine use for it. Anyway, so far as I can tell, this is the complete list.

Wintergreen: freeze ray.

Honey: stick to walls and ceilings to walk and run.

Coffee: increase speed.

Decaf: decrease speed.

Mushroom: temporarily grow to giant size. See “Super Mario Bros.”.

Cardboard: temporary invisibility. See “Metal Gear”.

Lemon Drop: drop lemon-bombs while jumping. See “Metroid”.

Starfruit: temporary invincibility. See “Super Mario Bros.”.

Naval Orange: homing torpedoes.

Spearmint: throwing spears that can be jumped on.

Musk Melon: become stinky; enemies will avoid.

Jalapeno: flame thrower. See “Super Mario Bros.”.

Blue Rasp Berry: sharp blue spines. See “Sonic the Hedgehog”.

Rationfruit ( % ): health gain. See “Rogue” for name and symbol, “Mega Man”‘s E-Canisters for usage.

String Bean: whip; weapon, item-retrieval, and swing from ledges. See “Castlevania”.

Ghost Pepper: become a ghost (intangibility).

Blood Orange: become a vampire (sap energy from enemies).

Fugu: become a zombie (bite enemies to turn them to your side).

Wild Berry: become a tiger-person (claws, stripes).

Squash: sledgehammer.

Beet: a beat of maximum funk plays; all enemies dance along with you, then explode. See “Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker”.

Jumping Bean: extra jumping powers. See “Low G Man”.

Crab Apple: pinching claws.

Cherry: bombs.

Fruit Punch: extending boxing gloves.

Thyme: temporarily freeze time.

Poppyseed: sleep.


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