So I bought a used computer off eBay. As sometimes happens, the old user didn’t clear off the old drive. But rather than a drive full of shitty MP3’s or weird porn, all that was left was a ROM for a game called “Super Pwnzorfaust”. I don’t know if the old owner designed it him/herself or if this is some kind of bizarre import, but I’ve been enjoying it; it’s a platformer, in the style of old 90’s games for the Genesis and Super Nintendo, except cobbled together from all kinds of sources. Some of it looks ripped out of an Atari 2600 shooter, while others are hand-drawn.

Whoever made this thing, I seem to be the only one that knows anything about it, so I thought I’d share a few screen-shots and strats for the strange things that go on in this game. The programmer seems to have really known their stuff; it never plays through the same way twice. I’ll share what I can, and I hope everybody else enjoys this as much as I do. 

Be sure to check out my actual comic, which is awesome and a mere click away, thanks to the fine splash beneath on which you may click today.


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